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5 Signs you’re ready for a New CRM


Your CRM solution is supposed to drive sales and growth through customer retention; fundamentally, if it isn’t doing that, it’s time to move from your rickety old software and onto pastures new. But sometimes, it can take months or even years to come to this conclusion, hampering the long-term progress of your organisation. Here are five tell-tale signs that you need a new CRM now:

Your system is not supportive of essential integrations

Productivity is a huge concern in every industry. A CRM is a tool which should allow it to increase, driving profits and improving customer satisfaction. However, a rigid solution which is unsupportive of essential integrations such as calendars and contact books will leave your staff rooting around for basic information, instead of being focused on high-value tasks.

Your staff aren’t using your CRM

Whispers around the office might suggest that Karim from accounting hasn’t used your CRM since Rage Against the Machine topped the Christmas charts, but how can you tell whether his apprehension is widespread? Login frequency can help you determine how many more are feeling like him – if there are more than a handful, your solution needs to be re-evaluated.

Your current solution is full of bad data

Linking directly from the previous point, staff may well not trust your CRM because the data within it is unsound. Instead of providing them with the insights they need to succeed, they will be weighed down by the system and forced to rely on guesswork.

Your CRM guru has left

Most businesses will be overly reliant on certain team members for certain tasks. Nevertheless, being so on a CRM expert can have major implications on your organisation, particularly if your system has been developed in-house. To avoid the complexities of recruiting a replacement who may struggle to get to grips with your infrastructure, a software overhaul could be preferable.

You’ve outgrown your system

Once upon a time, your solution gave you everything you needed. But as you’ve scaled, you need new functionalities that your system doesn’t provide. To ensure that your growth continues, you need your CRM to deliver appropriate insights to your staff when they are interacting with clients; to allow you to plan in advance and predict future trends and to facilitate mobile working via the cloud.

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