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4 Covert Business Central Tools no-one tells you about


So, you’ve heard the sales pitch about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you optimise your financial management, improve your customer relationships and make your team more than a sum of its parts. And, to be fair, it was a bloody good sales pitch. Now, you’re looking for the types of marginal gains that are enough to get Dave Brailsford hot under the collar – the ones that can keep nudging you towards your business goals.

But where can you actually find out about them without signing up to every Microsoft-related newsletter under the sun and rendering your inbox fuller than Kanye West is of himself? Well, below would be a good start.

List Views

Business Central is now allowing users to sort their data in more innovative and complex ways, enabling custom list filters to be saved. This flexible data slicing will power new insights by giving your staff access to the exact data they want and need. List Views are also available on multiple devices, improving your “always on” capability.

Quick Entry

Ever frantically smashed the shift key to input data while you’re on an important customer call, got lost and started overwriting the wrong data in the wrong field? The Quick Entry tool, which became available to Dynamics 365 users after the recent Spring Update, allows users to quickly skip over non-essential fields by changing the behaviour of the Enter key.

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Want to query information in Business Central list pages? SmartLists answer your prayers by allowing just that, empowering users to create new queries and modify existing ones. Historical data will also be available to users when they leverage the intelligent cloud.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode is a switch most of us would like to be able to flick when we need to get into the nitty gritty of a task instead of trying to volley screwed-up paper footballs into the office bin. Business Central has got the next best thing, particularly catering users who edit dense and long documents. According to Microsoft HQ, the new functionality expands “the line items section of the document to take a larger part of the screen and leave more room for productive and fast data entry.”

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