In the high-stakes industries like Financial and Professional Services, ensuring your offering stays competitive is everything – and technology plays a significant role. A company’s ability to connect, communicate and import data effectively can often be a make or break situation. In fact, 52% of executives agree that their business’s key barrier to developing insights faster is the IT development process – data needs to be more easily accessible and decipherable; this is where Microsoft has introduced the Intelligent Edge.

As a global leader in business software, Microsoft has long been mindful of their customers’ need to stay ahead of the competition, having launched their cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central product back in April to give their users the edge over their rivals. Yet, the ever-growing number of Dynamics users shifting to the cloud is becoming a source of uncertainty for those who plan to stay on premise. means that the path forward for those still operating on on-premise solutions is becoming more and more uncertain.

Until recently, the path forward for on-premise Dynamics users remained unclear. There was no obvious plan as to how they were going to retain their edge over cloud-based competitors. Fortunately, during the recent Microsoft Inspire 2018 annual conference, this all changed. Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott announced that from October 2018, all of Microsoft’s on-premise Dynamics users would gain full integration between their products and Microsoft’s Intelligent Edge, benefitting from much of the competitive functionality advantage of the cloud.

What is the Intelligent Edge?

The central focus of the Intelligent Edge is connected technologies – encouraging businesses to adopt a solution capable of transferring, exporting and integrating data from any other solution that a single company may use. This functionality can be particularly beneficial for companies tackling data silos; a commonly experienced obstacle in the way of many companies’ success.

The Microsoft Intelligent Edge effectively provides Dynamics solution users (including Dynamics 365, GP and Business Central) with a seamless connection between their solution and the powerful Microsoft Azure Cloud. From Microsoft’s perspective, connecting Dynamics users to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in this way allows for the creation of a true Internet of Things (IoT) whereby all Dynamics users can connect and communicate between their solutions without obstruction.

What can the Intelligent Edge provide on-premise Dynamics users?

For on-premise Microsoft Dynamics users, the potential to connect their solution to the Intelligent Edge without requiring a complete migration of their solution from on-premise to the cloud is a major advantage – both from a financial and a commercial perspective. Whilst cloud-based solutions are the future for many companies, there are those for whom this significant transition is simply not feasible.

Recognising the challenges many of their users face with moving to the cloud, Microsoft have ensured on-premise users are included in their plans to create a true IoT through Microsoft Azure. Providing that their on-premise Dynamics solution is operating on the latest version, users will be able to enjoy full access and integration with Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps, PowerBI and AI. They will benefit from the same functionality currently enjoyed by cloud-based users of Dynamics.

How can I connect my Dynamics solution to the Intelligent Edge?

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, City Dynamics have a wealth of experience in updating on-premise Dynamics solutions to the latest versions for Financial and Professional Services firms. We are well placed to provide all the support, training and guidance required to integrate your solution with the Intelligent Edge, ensuring that you get the most out of the amazing functionality on offer.

To arrange a demonstration of a Dynamics solution, or to further explore your upgrade options and prepare for integration with the Intelligent Edge, get in touch by email at or by phone at 020 7065 6868.


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