Microsoft continuously work to enhance their software and improve organisational processes. Just a few weeks ago they announced the release wave 2 which included over 400 updates to features and capabilities across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

But it doesn’t stop there – at Ignite 2019 a new range of Power Platform possibilities were released in addition to the 400 updates. These upgrades to the Power Platform will transform how your organisation works, and help you innovate the infrastructure of your business.

The three main focuses of these enhancements are powerful AI capabilities, data security, and streamlined integration and automation. Across all these areas, Microsoft have made inter-team engagement and accessible coding structures a priority.

We’re here to walk you through these changes and exactly how they can revolutionise the way your business works:

Boosting AI capabilities

Microsoft are always investing in AI to enable current and actionable insights. These updates can affect significant change in your business and help you to replace reactive models with proactive abilities.

More advanced, prebuilt models will be deployed to Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power Apps, giving AI Builder a shiny new upgrade. This means no code, and no fuss. So not only can you tailor AI to meet your individual needs, but you don’t need to outsource an expert to do it.

Some of these prebuilt solutions include key phase extraction, sentiment analysis, and text recognition. These models are easy to use, guaranteeing that any and every business can automate everyday tasks and increase their efficiency.

Power Virtual Agents is an app for embedding AI-powered virtual agents that caters to even the most inexperienced coder. The user-friendly graphical interface will guide you through the process ensuring a quality end-product. With handy pre-built connectors and low-code interactions, you’ll have an online virtual agent running before you can say chat bot.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service is also deploying new authoring capabilities that will enhance AI-powered chat bots and transform online customer interactions.

Reinforced Security

Release wave 2 saw Microsoft Dynamics 365 get a security makeover with the introduction of Fraud Protection. This solution promises to decrease fraud related costs and maximise the number of accepted transactions between customers and e-commerce merchants. The new update for Microsoft Banking Accelerator will also support better data-driven solutions for various customer scenarios.

And the security enhancements only continue; Ignite 2019 announced that Microsoft Power BI is getting fortified, with extra security capabilities that ensure the safety of your analytics data regardless of your access point.

Microsoft understand that because customer data is crucial to gaining business insights, this information must be highly protected. Power BI Data Protection will now have added abilities such as classifying and labelling sensitive data and enforcing governance policies on exported data to keep your customer data safer.

These capabilities will be enabled when Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security are paired with Power BI.

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Better Integration and Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce was included in release wave 2 to help businesses integrate the retail experiences they create and the data they capture from customers. This innovative, omnichannel solution connects communication over all online and offline platforms, optimising all performance from operations to customer-facing services.

This application can be easily integrated with Dynamics 365 Connected Store which has been upgraded to provide the next level of customer analytics. Now your business can use data tracking from security cameras and IoT sensors in retail shops to get proactive, real-time insights and tap into behavioural trends.

Once again, the trend of integration has been repeated in the Microsoft Power Platform updates, represented by the rebranding of Microsoft Flow to Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft solutions will be more connected than ever as Power Platform and Teams become unified. All the Power Platform applications you know and love will now be available directly from the Teams platform, silos will be a distant memory, and data-driven insights will lead your business decisions.

And the fun doesn’t stop there; Microsoft Power Automate now has the added abilities of Robotic process automation (RPA), delivering automated solutions and eradicating time-consuming or complex manual processes across your business.

Moreover, unlike other RPA systems, Power Automate doesn’t require a string of complicated integration processes. Instead, API and UI-based automation tasks are now connected and can be completed through a single, streamlined platform. This capability also requires minimal coding, empowering you to automate your workflows with a just few quick clicks.

Microsoft has released this flurry of updates so your business can improve on customer and partner engagement, access coding more easily, integrate the best Power Platform capabilities, and leave reactive decision-making behind.

To learn more about how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform help your business work smarter, get in touch with us today.

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