Growing organisations outgrow their solutions. What was once an adequately performing on-premise system has now become unsatisfactory in a number of ways, making it difficult to properly leverage the data at your disposal. This results in lost insights which could give you that all-important competitive edge.

The 482-year-old Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) – the oldest British Army regiment and a registered charity since 1964 – found themselves with an outdated system like this, and sought out City Dynamics to help them migrate to the cloud.

HAC’s Finance Director, Chris Howell, spoke to us about the implementation process and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has helped to improve organisational visibility.

The Problem

“Before we decided to migrate to the cloud, we were operating on a 15-year-old on-premise solution,” Chris says. “As our organisation had progressed, the solution’s inefficiency became increasingly exposed. Essentially, it just wasn’t meeting our requirements and we needed a system to match our current processes as well as our ambitions for the future.”

In-Depth Analysis

With so many cloud-enabled solutions on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly which one is right for your organisation. Business Central’s flexibility makes it one of the stand-out ERPs, providing the functionalities that scaling organisations need to take them on to the next level.

“Our old system was rigid, unsupportive of integrations and generally made life more difficult than it needed to be. Business Central’s customisability and agility means that it is easy to use, making day-to-day operations run much smoother.”

A Tailored Solution

Selecting the right re-seller is as important as selecting the right solution for your organisation. Without a truly tailored approach, you’ll likely miss out on many of the features of your new cloud-enabled solution.

“City Dynamics supported us by setting Business Central up to our specific requirements,” Chris adds. “The biggest challenge in the implementation process was redesigning the chart of accounts, which required City Dynamics’s industry expertise. Everything is running nicely now, and we’ve improved our visibility massively.”

The Future

The re-seller/client relationship does not end the second a solution has been implemented. Inevitably, unforeseen issues crop up and support must be provided if and when it is needed by the customer. “City Dynamics have helped us whenever we’ve encountered any issues in the post-implementation process. They have a lot of good people with good ideas and we enjoy collaborating with them.”

Chief Executive at HAC, Sean Crane, added: “Business Central provides a secure, modern, flexible and expandable base on which to consolidate our financial activities, as well as better management information for decision making. We look forward to continuing our partnership with City Dynamics with a view to expanding the use of our new solution beyond the core financials.”

If the Honourable Artillery Company’s migration story is relatable to you, email us at or call us on 020 7065 6868 to find out more.

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