When you learn how to communicate skilfully & effectively over the phone, opportunities open up for you. Match that skill set with a customisable sales driven CRM, and you have an extremely powerful combination, argues Sunny Raval, Senior Business Development Manager at City Dynamics.

Here are 5 ‘outside  the box’ benefits that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will typically deliver to a business soon after implementation: 

  1. Employees (advocates) within the sales, marketing & customer services teams start to work more effectively and make better decisions because, using features such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ‘Advanced Find’, and ‘Reporting Tools’, they can quickly and accurately access the precise information they need. 
  2. Your marketing execution processes improve dramatically as Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to set up, manage, and run campaigns. This, in turn, helps marketing staff get the best from their Marketing spend, and improve campaign results.  
  3. You soon begin to win more business as Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps sales and marketing staff work together and improve the way they track and manage leads and opportunities. 
  4. Your senior sales staff and management better develop sales individuals and teams through greater transparency and evidence-based analysis of the sales process. 
  5. Your customer retention and revenue increases as your staff deal with queries more quickly and efficiently. 

If you’re a UK business and need advice or more information about implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the benefits it can deliver to your organization, why not reach out to us at moreinfo@citydynamics.com



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